(Galvanizing Plant LLC, Srebrenica) started its business in 1968, being a part of “Energoinvest“ of that time. It became a private company on 25th July 2002 and after being overhauled, it successfully restored its production in August 2003. Nowadays, the plant employs skilled and qualified staff.

A basic activity of the plant is SURFACE CORROSION PROTECTION of steel structures by applying hot-dip galvanization process. The plant is equipped with up-to-date equipment for its activities, and it also has in-plant laboratory. For meeting environmental protection requirements, the plant has a unit for neutralization of waste water and a system for filtering waste gases.

Applying surface corrosion protection of steel structures by hot-dip galvanizing process in the Galvanizing Plant Srebrenica – Potočari is executed in accordance with a relevant standard EN ISO 1461. With its development in the area of surface corrosion protection of steel structures, in order to enhance the quality, and to stay ahead of competition, in 2004 the Galvanizing Plant LLC initiated promotion of technical equipment by increasing its productivity and by constantly improving the process, which resulted in implementation of ISO 9001:2000 – quality management system.

  • The plant was successfully PRIVATIZED and restored its production in 2003.
  • The design capacity of the plant at annual level is 12,800 ton;
  • Operation power: electrical;
  • Zinc temperature: 440 - 450 °C;
  • Bath dimension: 7000 x 2200 x 1800mm;
  • Crane capacity: 2x2 ton;


  • EN ISO 1461,
  • ASTM-A 123,
  • ISO 9001; 2000;

sertifikat 001

iso 2015 001


  • Nikole Tesle BB, Potočari, 75430 Srebrenica

Contact Information

  • Tel: +387 56 440 300
  • Faks: +387 56 440 151
  • E-mail: office@cinkara.net

    Other information

    • JIB: 4400300420004
    • Identification number: 01318977
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