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Towards achieving our vision, we have established a quality management system as a strategic direction aiming at continuous promotion of service and product quality, while meeting European standards requirements and by applying new knowledge and technology in this area.

The Galvanizing Plant LLC Srebrenica is a leader in new trends within production and sale of its galvanizing products and services, and this reflects in continuous improvement of our customers' satisfaction, staff, owners and the whole society.

We achieve this by:

  • Awareness of employees that existence, development and profitability of society depends on single contribution of each individual, and this is reflected through quality of our galvanizing products and services and complete satisfaction of our customers;
  • Team work and mutual trust;
  • Planning all key activities in order to make our quality a rule, and not a coincidence;
  • Unconditional support given by our quality system management;
  • Motivation and awarding employees based on the achieved results.

The established quality policy of the company will be constantly re-evaluated by the highest level management, which is obliged to improve it continuously and adapt it to every change within the business environment.


  • No: 05-844/07
  • Director: Bojan Trninić



  • Nikole Tesle BB, Potočari, 75430 Srebrenica

Contact Information

  • Tel: +387 56 440 300
  • Faks: +387 56 440 151
  • E-mail: office@cinkara.net

    Other information

    • JIB: 4400300420004
    • Identification number: 01318977
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