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Main activity and market


Main activity of the factory:

Osnovna djelatnost


SURFACECORROSION protection of steel structures by hot-dip galvanizing

In this area,"FPS" occupies a very important place both in Bosnia and in Serbia. Galvanized construction in the "FPS", which are exported to all European countries as well as countries of America and Canada are an important reference for future jobs.

In addition tothe basic activity, the surface corrosion protection by hot dip galvanizing, "FPS" at  BIH market is also selling:

Galvanizedguard railsfor roads                                                          



-  The protectivewirefence                               


Round,rectangular, square pipesand profiles       



Poles for traffic signs                                       


Galvanizedgrounding straps                                     



All kindsHOPprofiles

Hot-rolledandcold-rolled sheets