We provide GALVANIZATION of wide range of products

Road guard railings / Overhead transmission line structuresproizvodni program 001

Various fences / Metal productsproizvodni program 002

Pipes / Tanks, waste containers for public city areas and all other metal products exposed to weather conditionsproizvodni program 003

In addition to the basic activity of CORROSION PROTECTION by applying hot-dip galvanization in steel structures, we also offer the following:

ROAD EQUIPMENT (flexible road barriers, traffic sign posts and protective fencesROAD  EQUIPMENT (flexible road barriers, traffic sign posts and protective fences

All types of cold formed profiles; round, rectangular and square pipesproizvodni program 005

Steel sheets / Galvanized earthing stripsproizvodni program 006


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  • E-mail: office@cinkara.net

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    • Identification number: 01318977
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